Jone Briese

Hello! My name is Jone Briese, (pronounced Joan Breeze :) I believe in fitness, nutrition and better health as a way of life, FOR LIFE! Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer allows me to help you achieve the same, along with the increased quality of life.
30 years ago, I was skeptical taking my 1st group exercise class. (No I did not wear a leotard, YES, I had big hair!) I became hooked in my 1st class and have been involved in the industry at various levels ever since. Over the years, fitness, nutrition and better health have given me the strength and endurance to handle those challenges life presents!
I am so fortunate to have trainers and instructors at InFIT that really mean it when they tell you . . . ”don’t give up, you CAN do this”. I would love the opportunity to give you the same message. With your commitment and my accountability we CAN achieve your goals together! LET’S GO!!

Jone Briese instructs the following:
  • a-la-carte TRAINING-TRX
  • Please purchase A-la-carte TRAINING sessions to sign up. You are not able to use group exercise classes to register for this session.
    The TRX suspension trainer:
    • Delivers a fast, effective total body workout
    • Helps build a rock-solid core
    • Increases muscular endurance
    • Benefits people of all fitness levels
    • Individually challenge yourself – modify your body position to make moves easier or more challenging!

  • FITCheck- Body Composition Measurement
  • 10 min appointment to get immediate information and a print out of your personal data from our Full Body Composition Scale.
    Get your numbers for weight, body composition of water, muscle and body fat ratios.  
    Want to dive into this information more deeply? Meet with one of our Personal Trainers for a Fitness Assessment to  
    identify specific challenges make a plan for your fitness and wellness goals!

  • a-la-carte TRAINING TRX MIX
  • TRX MIX - Total functional training - 45 mins. Utilize TRX, Synrgy and various tools to increase your power, speed, strength and cardio endurance, stability and mobility. Come join in FUN training.

  • a-la-carte TRAINING -TRX/Synrgy
  • Please purchase A-la-carte TRAINING sessions to sign up. You are not able to use group exercise classes to register for this session. 
    Small Group Training on the new LifeFitness Synrgy Station will contain limitless energetic training options! Your inFIT trainer will guide you through a dynamic small group training full of energy and motivation! This session will have an emphasis on TRX.

  • ALL OUT(cardio.strength.endurance)
  • This total body workout will challenge your cardio,strength and endurance levels.
    Using Kettle Bells, BOSU, Stability Ball, Resistance Bands and more to strengthen your core, improve your balance and tone your body.