Kiz Gorham

Kiz Gorham started practicing yoga in April of 2015 and was instantly hooked. She became 200-RYT certified in Elk River, MN. She believes everyone would benefit from a little yoga in their life. Whether you're coming to class to clear your mind and focus on your breath, or get that full body work out, she hopes to see you on the mat! Namaste!

Kiz Gorham instructs the following:
  • Yoga Sculpt-( in the Inspiration studio)
  • Yoga sculpt is a total body workout combining traditional yoga sequencing with strength training designed to sculpt and tone every major muscle group in the body. This yoga class is set to energizing music and will push your strength to new heights. Strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, tricep and bicep curls and push-ups are incorporated throughout the practice to build lean muscle mass. This class will challenge individuals at all fitness levels. Don't forget water and a towel!

  • Barre + Yoga
  • Join Kiz in this Barre class with power flows and a mindfulness boost. Fusing yoga to assist in achieving long lean muscles, with the intensity of a barre workout- you’ll break a sweat and keep moving throughout this 55 minute class.

    This is a total body workout geared toward strengthening & toning the physique for a lean sculpted look.