From Tread & Shred to...You're Dead


Everyone understands workouts aren't supposed to be easy. If you're getting in your car at 4:30am and trekking your way through April snowstorms in Minnesota you're motivated to continue your progress towards your ultimate goal. 


I can relate from Mark Anderson's 5am Men's Group Training class. I dread and look forward to that morning. 


New to inFIT is Mark and Jone's "Tread, Shred...You're Dead." With the addition of two treadmills to inFIT's training area programs such as this one pose a whole new challenge to our training clients. 


Here's a brief statement from Jone on how the program was created. 


"Here's how Tread, Shed...You're Dead came to be. NETA offers a training called Tread & Shred. MarK and I were waiting for the treadmills to so we could take this course, which we completed in February. After a long day of learning and training Mark and I were waiting for the first class to start. While chit chatting we started to brainstorm names for this new training option. I threw out of 'you're dead' add on and we thought we were pretty funny. Thinking more about it we also thought it was clever and it could catch on." 


The new program started just a few weeks ago and has been a huge success with our clients. We recommend adding it onto your existing package to achieve maximum results! We at inFIT want to join you on your journey to achieve your goals. Let us know how we can help. 


- Colton Buege