HD Golf Simulator

The inFIT Golf Simulator includes the most thorough and precise club and ball tracking system, utilizing proprietary IST High Speed Spectrum Sensor technology™. The golf simulator captures supremely accurate measurements of all critical club motion and ball launch data and displays the resulting ball flight in high definition. It features a State-of-the-art 17 foot HD screen that immerses the player in an ultra realistic golf environment. 

Simulator Features:

  • With spectacular photo-realistic scenery displayed in High Definition , using special GIS based 3D technology capturing the true beauty of over 20 plus renowned golf courses.
  • Every bunker, tree and hazard is reproduced exactly as you would see it if you were playing the actual course.
  • And the wonder of sound completes your experience, whether it’s the roar of the gallery saluting a perfect shot or the agony of an errant tee shot splashing down into a watery grave.
  • The industry’s most advanced tracking technology measures all critical club and ball data precisely, creating a true reproduction of your ball’s flight.

Purchase a Golf Simulator GIFTCARD for a gift, or purchase sessions for yourself! 

($45 for the first Orientation hour, then a low introductory price of $33/hour.) Price is based per hour, up to 4 people per hour.

Additional Features

Over 20 Famous Courses From Around the World

Know Thy Club

Ever wonder what your average shot is for your 7 iron or rescue club? Use the club analysis tool and hit 10 shots each with your 3 favorite clubs. The system will take the averages and tell you what each club will do for you on average to better prep your for making the most important decisions on the course when it comes to distance.

Video Swing Analysis

Multiple camera angles allow you to see your swing and break it down to understand what is going right for you and what you need to improve on which can then be compared to “the perfect swing.” This feature must be done with a professional -coming soon!