inFIT Kids Overview

active-19413_copyinFIT Kids programs are FLEXIBLE and CONVENIENT.  Visit Kids Programming to sign your child(ren) up for FITKare or for a Kids Fitness Class! Have the peace of mind that your kids, no matter their age, are being stimulated and having fun. We don't just let them play and supervise them...not at inFIT Kids! inFIT kids have fun with structured activities that involve their minds and bodies. You can choose to bring your child when it is convenient for you and for your child. If you have additional questions, please give us a call or email us!

FITKare Program

PARENT ON-SITE  For only $2/child/hour you can bring your child while you workout in a class or training session. This on-site rate is only available when the parent is participating in an inFIT class, training session, or working out at ANYTIME FITNESS of Albertville!

Reserve a Spot! - Sign-up online! Go to the Kids Programming Tab and click on "Sign-Up" under the class/FITKare hour you would like to sign your child(ren) up for. Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. The site will display "class full" if the maximum attendance is reached.

Sign-Up/Cancellation Policy! - Please sign-up at least 8 hours prior to class time so that we can ensure adequate staffing! If there at not any children signed up, the class will be canceled. Please make sure you sign-up ahead of time! If you need to cancel your child after the 8 hours window has past, you can still late cancel your child's reservation and open a spot for another child to be registered!

Class Sizes - The inFIT Kids maximum number of children is 30. Our minimum number for FITKare is one! If there is at least one child signed up, FITKare will be open. In order to keep our costs low, if there are not any children signed up 2 hours prior to a FITKare time, that hour of FITKare will be cancelled. Make sure to sign up online in advance!

Class Ratios
- Our class ratio is approximately 6 kids to 1 staff, depending on ages! If you are not signed up and you have not called to reserve your space, you may not be able to bring your child. Please get in the habit of signing up and giving us as much notice as possible so that we can ensure safe ratios!

Sick Policy - If your child has vomited or had a fever over 99 degrees within 24 hours, please cancel your reservation and do not bring your child! Help us to avoid spreading illnesses.

Diapers - Please remember to leave your diaper bags with diapers and wipes in the entry cubbies. If you forget a diaper and we must change your child, there is a $1 diaper fee.

Food and Beverages - We provide water for your children. If you want to bring their own sippie cup, that is fine, but WATER ONLY! Please make sure you kids have their snacks before class, as we do not offer snack time due to food allergy safety. This policy does not apply to bottle fed infants, you may bring their formula or breast milk and the staff will feed them based on your request.

Late Pick-Up - Please arrive on time to pick up your child(ren) from class. If you are using FITKare, please be respectful and pick up your child right away when you are finished with your workout.


Kids Fitness Classes

inFIT had has age specific fitness classes designed for your child! Sign up for age specific fitness classes using your FITKare hours.

Kids Fun Camp

These are age specific and themed 2 hour camps that include both crafts and Fitness Fun. These camp are $20 each and offered in the summer and winter breaks from school. Please contact for additional information.

Did you know...? inFIT hosts AWESOME Kids' Birthday Parties


kids-bday-graphicAre you looking for a fun and active way to celebrate your child’s birthday?

inFIT kids has just the party for you!

Activity options include (but are NOT limited to):
(some activities are extra, contact inFIT for details)

*Kids BOSU Party
*Kids Games and Relay Party
*Kids ZUMBA Party
*Kids Kickball Party (weather permitting)
*Kids Hullahoop Party
*Get creative and create your own!

Choose your option (all parties are 2 hours):


Birthday Party #1 ~ $10/kid includes:

*inFIT Kids activity
*Time for present opening and cake
*Birthday theme paper products and balloons


Birthday Party #2 ~ $13/kid includes:

*All of Birthday Party #1 AND
*Cake and ice cream


Birthday Party #3 ~ $15/kid includes:

*All of Birthday Party #1 and #2 AND
*One-topping pizza
*Treat bags for each child

To book your child's next birthday party at inFIT:

  1. Choose your day and time!
  2. Email for availability and more information.
  3. Leave the party up to inFIT Kids!


Fit4Life Homeschool Fitness Program

FIT4Life logoinFIT of Albertville has an exciting comprehensive health promotion program for children ages 4-12! This program is designed for homeschool families who have a desire to help their children fuel their bodies for LIFE!  

FIT4Life Kids program will train your child how to Take Charge of their Health and be FIT4Life!

Why FIT For Life Kids?

Your personal health, and the health and well-being of your family, are your most precious assets. Our bodies have been created perfectly, wonderfully and purposefully! It is our job to keep them this way. In order to fulfill the purpose for which we have been created we need to be in the best shape possible.  Please keep in mind this looks differently for everyone! Team up with the inFit staff to motivate and encourage your students in their journey to be Fit For Life! Your students will have the opportunity to participate in a year long (Sept-May) comprehensive health promotion program which will encourage, motivate, train, coach and challenge them as they learn about their body and how to “fuel” it for LIFE! Students will be responsible for tracking their progress throughout the school year. Students will learn in a creative and positive learning environment with upbeat praise and worship music! Our instructors are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated to provide your students with information and skills to improve their overall physical health!


FIT For Life Kids Objectives:

-Inspire Students to Engage in Fun-filled Physical Activities

-Advocate Physical Activity as a Lifelong Journey

-Build Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Interpersonal & Goal Setting Skills

-Develop and Fine Tune Motor Skills

-Coach, Train and Challenge Students to Fuel up Their Body!

-Guide Students as They Investigate the Benefits of Exercise Now and Later!

-Recognize and Reward Students for Taking charge of their Health!


It's never too late to plan ahead, email for more information or to sign your child(ren) up for the next homeschool year!