Personal Fitness -- the foundation of your strong body


belly-2473_copy1Personal fitness training teaches you how to effectively strengthen and condition your body, giving you confidence to live your healthiest life. Personal Fitness and Small Group Training is our specialty at inFIT! Our programs can be tailored to your goals of:

*Weight Loss
*Increased muscle tone
*Improved cardiovascular strength
*Enhanced athletic performance
*Improved core strength
*Increased flexibility

All of our Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainers and Instructors strongly believe that when you learn how to workout properly, you are empowered with knowledge that will keep you healthy for a lifetime! Your trainer will teach you how to successfully reach your goals. We create training programs that are fun and affordable to meet your specific needs.
You can train: 
  • One-to-one
  • With a buddy
  • In a small group
We want you to learn how to best care for your own healthy body. We don't want you dependent on a trainer forever (unless you want to of course!), so stop trying. Start training. Get inFIT today.

Email to get started on a personalized plan today!


Express Sessions: 25 minutes (Start at $33.00/session)

Full Sessions: 55 minutes (Start at $45.00/session) 

Personal training prices are based on the trainer. Training packages with a minimum of a 4 week commitment include:
~ One-to-one fitness coaching
~ FREE fitness assessment
~ Personal resistance training program
~ Weight loss results, if desired
~ Enhanced athletic performance, if desired
~ Improved core strength
~ Increased flexibility
~ So much more.

 Personal fitness training gives you confidence and empowers you to take your fitness to the next level


* TRX / Suspension   
* Pilates Reformer   
* Boxing
* Kettlebell
* Sports Specific / Youth Training

Don't know where to start? Contact for assistance.


FITNESS ASSESSMENTS: $25 (approx. 30 min)

inFIT highly recommends that all new clients participate in a Fitness Assessment before beginning sessions or classes.

A Fitness Assessment will give you an accurate and measurable tool to monitor your health! 

Find out your body fat %, cardiovascular health, strength, endurance, and more. A FITCHECK (read below) is included during this appointment!



A personal fitness trainer will ask a series of detailed questions to discover your health and fitness strengths, goals, and obstacles.  Your trainer will identify areas of improvement and offer recommendations to jumpstart your fitness or nutrition program. The Fitness & Nutrition Consultation is also a powerful way to help you pull out of a stubborn fitness or weight plateau.  

Fitness & nutrition consultations are an integral part of your overall health and wellness success.  




FITCheck logoTake advantage of our monthly check-in program!

At your 10 min FITCheck appointment, you will get immediate information and a print out of your personal data from our NEW Full Body composition scale. Get your numbers for weight, body composition of water and muscle and body fat ratios.

Want to dive into this information more deeply? Meet with one of our Personal Trainers for a Fitness Assessment to identify specific challenges and make a plan for your fitness and wellnes goals!

You must reserve a designated time for your FITCheck, sign-up online on the Group Exercise Calendar during the last week of each month.

You can purchase FITCheck sessions as low as $5 each.