Brook Eguia Before and After
Brooke Eguia

Three months ago I made an investment in my health and started personal training with Chris Mitchell. It was not my goal to lose weight but to lose body fat while gaining more muscle mass and confidence in the weight room. Today, at my fitness assessment, my goals were far exceeded with his guidance and support! 

1/5 - Body fat 25% Lean Body Mass 99.75lbs
3/25 - Body fat 18.07% Lean Body Mass 106lbs

Thank you Kellie Grow and Kelly Berg Powell for getting in my face during classes, pushing me to my full potential!

~ Brook Eguia, St. Michael

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Andrea DoomI happened to stumble across a coupon for InFit while getting my haircut one day about a year ago. I thought, "what the heck," I'll give it a try. I had been a member of many other gyms in the past, but always found myself canceling after just a few months. I figured this would be another one of those places. Boy, was I wrong! The biggest difference for me and the reason why I have stuck with InFit is the social experience! I get to look forward to
not only working out, but also seeing my "workout friends." We even find ourselves communicating and meeting up with each other outside of our workouts! InFit has made me a more healthy person physically, mentally, and SOCIALLY! Thanks InFit!

~ Andrea D., Hanover

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Joseph BanackThe InFIT approach to training and attaining fitness goals is unique and so were my results. In a matter of months, I had an understanding of why I had hit a plateau, retooled my workouts, documented a roadmap to reach my goals, and then drove accountability to follow that plan. I just turned 42 years old and with the help of inFIT trainers, did so in the best shape of my life.

Joseph Banack, age 42, Global Account Manager 

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Lium_2013_copyIn 2008, I was running my own wellness program using the exercise equipment at my work and at home. My husband was frustrated with all the checks we were writing to the doctor and chiropractor so he bought some sessions with Ashley for me to learn how to exercise in moderation. What Ashley taught me using the InFIT approach is that I can exercise as hard as I want to, without hurting myself, if I exercise the right way.

As a client of inFIT's for over five years, I am in the best shape of my life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel as though the whole-health approach to wellness helped me achieve my 100 pound weight loss journey. I lost the weight 5 years ago, kept it off, and gained a new appreciation for life and health. With the guidance of Ashley and her team, I changed my life with small, consistent steps—and you can too!

Laura Lium, age 42


Angie MoonI have always loved food, but during a recent divorce, found solace and comfort in it more than ever. In addition to the emotional eating, I realize now, I was becoming physically lethargic. I had very little energy, and wanted to nap all the time. Then a routine trip to the doctor made me wake up. I got on that doctor’s scale (you know, they are ALWAYS high) and was shocked and disgusted at how much weight I had gained. I thought to myself, “Why have you let yourself go like this?” I literally drove straight to Infit and signed up. It has been almost exactly a year since I started, and although not all the weight is off (YET), I feel a thousand times better, not only physically, but emotionally too! I have met many new friends, reconnected with old ones, and now have an abundance of energy! Infit’s classes are extremely challenging and so much fun! I am very excited and committed to reaching my fitness goals! Thanks to Infit, I am no longer spending my days eating comfort foods and wanting to nap, I am on the website looking at what classes I can take that day!

~ Angie M., Albertville, MN

Tim TrainorI fly all over the country and see the variety of great foods and cuisines offered. It is nice to be able to partake in such fine culinary experiences, but it gets old. Being on the road can take a toll on a person’s mind, body, and soul. I firmly believe in this program because it gives you the education to make choices to be who you want to be. A busy lifestyle is today’s norm but integrating change in that lifestyle is a must! Try flying 100,000 miles in a year and being away from your family often. Nobody says health is ever easy but inFIT gives you the tools to be successful and make necessary changes. I know that if you eat better, exercise, stay hydrated, and believe in yourself, as well as participate in this book, you will see immediate results. So give yourself three minutes or three hours, whatever it takes to get yourself to the new you!

Tim Trainor
Corporate Chef


Infit (259 of 260)As a marathon runner and fitness enthusiast, inFIT gives me the tools to make better decisions for my family and me.

Shannon Immer 
InFIT Director


Kari DwinnellDuring my third pregnancy, I decided once the baby was born I needed to try a personal training program. I enjoyed running for over ten years (ran three marathons), but it wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be physically. I was looking for a trainer who would push me to my limits, and a few people I knew mentioned Ashley Darkenwald. I started training with Ashley using the InFIT approach when my baby was two months old and trained one-to-one with her for the better part of a year. I lost 6 inches around my belly button, lost over 24 pounds of body fat, and dropped from a size 6 to a size 0. Ashley not only taught me how to train properly, she taught me about nutrition and encouraged me to continue to push myself–I have kept the inches and pounds off and I am still wearing a size 0, and it has been almost three years! I have more energy to keep up with my three kids and I am healthier and stronger than ever–I have never looked or felt better!

Kari Dwinnell, age 44
Infit Testimonial


alissa henriksen testimonialsI have always been an active person, but as a business owner, life has gotten crazy. When I met Ashley Darkenwald, founder of inFIT, and started training with her in 2008, I went from a size 8 to a size 4, learned some key nutrition secrets, and felt great! My life has been an adventure since then. I have started another business, gone through a merger, and became a new mother. I continue to train with Ashley to keep balance in my life. Reading Living Wellness and working with Ashley helps me stay focused on my goals and adapt them when my life circumstances change. When I gained over 50 pounds with my pregnancy, even though it was discouraging, I knew with InFIT Workouts and Ashley’s help and support I would get back to my old self again! Her passion, commitment, knowledge, and sincere desire over the last five years have transformed my life, and I will forever be grateful!

Alissa Henriksen, age 31, Co-President - CorTalent


candace blazekI respect strong women. I meet strong women daily, though I rarely know their names. Some come to become stronger in mind, in spirit, in body. Some come for time alone, to be alone in their minds. Some come simply to sweat and take care of the bodies they have abused or neglected for years. All come to be the best version of themselves they can be. “Be all that you can be” used to be the Army’s slogan. “Be all that you can be” can now be the anthem for the women who challenge each other. “Be all that you can be” we should yell at one another to encourage each other on. This time is not for your husband, not for your children, not for your boss. This time is yours. This time is not for the woman working out next to you, so stop comparing yourself to her. If she is better, you make yourself less. If you see yourself as better, you make her smaller. Encourage her; remind her to “Be all that you can be”. My apologies to the woman in front of me, who’s head I use as a target. It’s nothing personal, just a need to express the strength in me. I imagine you to be everything wrong in my life today. I right-left hook at the horrible day in traffic. I right-left punch into the air at insensitive words and rude remarks that I take personally, but I take those words personally no more. I roundhouse right at the car that wouldn’t start. I back-kick the door I couldn’t open because I locked my keys inside. I grunt and punch an imaginary bag at any injustice to those I love, releasing frustration and hurt. So here’s to you, miss “my head is an imaginary target to the woman standing behind me.” You have helped me so much. Feel free to allow me to help you in the same way. Here’s to you! “Cheers to me!” for working out a little bit harder so I can enjoy a beer or glass of wine with my husband tonight. Maybe I’m paying it forward for the chocolate cake at a friend’s party or Crème Brule at my favorite restaurant. Paying it forward isn’t just about doing good deeds for others. Sometimes paying it forward is about doing a good deed for me by planning ahead, or by sweating off a debt of indulgence, having no guilt. Guilt is for sissies. I rarely take the time to make coffee dates or meet for a glass of wine with a friend. My dates are made with women, many whose names I do not know, but faces I recognize and respect. They are stronger than me. These dates are spent becoming stronger inside, knowing we can overcome obstacles. These dates are spent becoming stronger on the outside; sweating, burning, overcoming, gasping for air. These dates are spent becoming one in unison: punch-punch, jab-jab, uppercut-uppercut, roundhouse. These dates are spent with the women of inFit.

~Candace B.


Meghan LFitKare has been an amazing experience for my girls and me! I love dropping them off knowing that they are going to have a wonderful time. The instructors are so great! I love that my child isn't just another number in the bunch, they really care about the children. You know it's a great place when your kids beg to go!! Thanks Ladies for all your hard work! Much appreciated.

~ Meghan L.


Kim WI love InFIT!!!!!!! I started classes last April and cannot quit!!! I have never been so toned in my life! Not to mention I have lost 20 pounds! inFIT is awesome on so many levels. You are always challenged in every class even if you take that class all the time! I like the fact that the instructors get to know everyone by name! They push you as well because they all so strongly believe in what they do and they want great results for you! There is great energy the minute you walk through those front doors!! A lot of us have made new friends and gotten to know old friends even better because of our passion for inFIT! And as far as inFIT Kids Childcare goes, Ryley loves all his teachers. And it's great that they have gotten to know him and he always looks forward to going there!!! I simple cannot imagine my life without inFit!!!!

~ Kim W.


As for myself I knew for a long time that I needed to get back at taking time for my own health and fitness but it was so hard to get motivated and was delayed due to an accident. After two months I'm already down 15lbs and committed to shedding many more. It's funny...all along I knew exactly what I needed to do to make the change and that once I started I would continue but it was taking the time and committing to the first step that was the challenge and it is great to have a gym so close to home as it definitely removes a barrier when schedules are hectic.

~ Karen, Albertville, MN



I was the poster child for McDonald’s. I grew up eating whatever I wanted – which was fast food, sweets, all the “good” stuff! For some reason, it never caught up to me weight-wise until this past year or so. I would look at people in the grocery store buying fresh produce and feel envious – wow, they know how to cook that stuff, and they like it! Myself, I hadn’t eaten a green veggie in – well, almost ever?! I have several neighbors who kept telling me about inFIT and what a great experience they were having, but again I thought, “Good for them, not for me.”

Then, out of the blue, my whole perspective changed. “Is it odd or is it God?” as my husband would say. Seriously, a 180-degree turnaround all of a sudden. I read a book called “The Abs Diet” and found out what I should be eating, and have kicked all the junk out of the house. My poor 10-year-old doesn’t know what hit him! Then I came to my first bars & plates class at inFIT and absolutely loved it! I’ve only come to five classes so far, but I can literally already feel a huge difference. Besides the fact that a pair of shorts I couldn’t get on two weeks ago now FIT, I feel better on the inside, too. I have so much more energy, and I’m excited about working on my health for the first time! The instructors at inFIT are amazing – so encouraging, so motivating. The humor helps a lot too when you’re pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do. I also met with Kristie for a fitness assessment and that was so helpful to give me a benchmark so I could see where I want to go.

Thank you so much to inFIT. What a blessing!!



Thank you for teaching me about how to take better care of my body through exercise and nutrition. During the two months we worked together, I was amazed at how much my body changed. I have never felt stronger or healthier in my life.

At each session, you taught me new ways to challenge my spirit, my body and my eating habits – all of this was wonderful. You challenged me and didn’t let me slack which motivates me still today (I can hear your voice in my head when I am alone!). It is obvious you are passionate about fitness & nutrition and it shows. I went with a goal of getting stronger and losing a few pounds and didn’t expect to have a bonus of learning so much about food & nutrition. I never thought I could be “strong” so when the results came in that I gained 8% muscle, it was unbelievable to me. My clothes do not fit the same at all even though I am the same weight – amazing!

I love my new found energy and great new muscles! I would recommend your services to anyone without reservation. Thanks again!
Best regards,

~Jody V.


I'm having the best time at InFIT. All the instructors are friendly, and full of energy. I feel ALIVE when I'm there. I look forward to every class. I already feel stronger. I was a member at Curves for 2 years. Curves is great, but, I needed more cardio, etc. I've sweat more in a week, than I did in those 2 years. LOL! My goal is to lose 15 lbs - at least, and stay inFIT!




I started with inFIT in January 2010 because of a work weight loss challenge. I lost 8.4% in that challenge but I owe it completely to inFIT. The winner of that challenge (a marathon runner) lost 8.5%. I still have about 8 lbs to my goal and will continue with 
inFIT to achieve that. I love the variety of classes ...the easy atmosphere and the different styles of each of the instructors...that's why I refer everyone I know :) Thanks for all your help!


~Amy A.


The Lord sent me to you for a reason! All those classes and training made me able to try out for the Minnesota Vixen and I made it! We've had two games and in each one I've made one solo tackle. As soon as I'm able to "channel" my aggression to better handle my adrenaline I'll get to play more. (Diabetes, insulin, adrenaline and I literally don't play well together.) But I want to thank you and let you know what inFIT has meant to me

Ladies, you are WONDERFUL!

~Eve Simpson - Minnesota Vixen Football player

As a mother of 3, the FITKare program offered by inFIT gave me the opportunity to train for my 1st ever 5 Mile race. It was a huge accomplishment for me and I think I will keep moving and try a 10K! Thank you InFIT!

~Dana A.

I am getting old! I don't mind it. I am 46 years old and a grandma already and that keeps me busy. I am a nurse and know the importance of good physical fitness. I had heard of inFIT but never thought it would be for me. My sister, who is 9 years younger, invited me to join her for a class. I said yes but really wanted an excuse to bow out, I envisioned young, skinny gals clad in stylish outfits, totally out of my league. But she paid so I thought I would try it once and it's always fun to be with your sister. So when we were heading there I told her "I'll be the oldest one there" and she said "Oh no you'll be surprised" and I got there and she was right! There were women of every age! Women & men and it was fun! Everyone was smiling and cheering each other on. I got a great work out, had fun and have been back over and over! Each time with a diverse fun group! It really makes working out fun with lots of flexibility which works with my busy schedule and has been great in the winter months when I feel so cooped up!

Thanks inFIT for making it a great atmosphere for all of us!

~ Jeanne


What does InFit mean to me? I love InFit, it has changed my life!

I was introduced to inFIT by my dear friend Dawn Roberts. Dawn asked me if I would like to come to a class sometime. I was finally at a point in my life where I decided I needed to do something for myself. After getting married and having a family, I put myself aside for everyone else. It was very hard for me to walk through the door for the first time, but once I came I felt inspired and welcomed. I decided to start with the Group Personal Training at 5am 3 days a week and work into the group training classes. That first Monday is where my life changed. I love working out at 5am, I have been doing personal training ever since. I have seen the scale consistently going down since I started. Although, I admit sometimes it went down more than other times. I have seen and felt my body change since day one. I celebrate each small milestone and I am determined to let nothing stop me. Recently, I just bought my first pair of size 14 jeans. It has been at least 20 years since I had a size 14. I feel happier and healthier than I have felt in years.

I want to thank inFIT, they taught me how to work out, they have inspired me on those days it was difficult to get to those 5am classes. I have been working out with a torn rotator cuff so some days are more difficult because I am in a sling but I have learned I will never give up, my journey has just begun and I am so excited to see where it will take me. I have learned more than just working out, inFIT has taught me about nutrition and have given me that little push I needed. Where else can you go see your girlfriends and have fun? inFIT is my place to be.

~ Justine F., Albertville MN