Coming this fall, inFIT's 3rd Annual "The Office" Golf League sponsored by 2nd Swing and Swannies Golf 


Format: 2-man Best Ball - Net


Season: 8 week regular season, 1 week playoffs. Rounds are due bi-weekly. Best 7 out of 8 scores applied


Handicaps: 80% handicaps will be used. Will be adjusted every 2 weeks based on previous scores. (Example: 20 handicap will play to a 16)


Entry Fee: FREE to enter, just pay normal hourly rates for every round played


Grand Prize: TBD, last year 2nd Swing gave away $500. This year it will be given to the regular season winner and a different prize to 1st place in the playoffs


How to sign up: Fill out the form below and Colton Buege from inFIT will be in touch with you and your partner! 


"The Office"

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