"The Office" - Round 2 @ Cabo del Sol 


For me personally, desert golf, whether it be in Arizona or Cabo, is not my forte. I simply do not hit the golf ball straight enough to score well. I think some of found that out this week as some scores were pretty high. Nevertheless, if you found yourself playing out of the short grass for most of the day scoring was quite easy! 


As noted when signing up every two week we will be adjusting handicaps! So if you faired well in the first couple weeks your handicap will go up and vice-versa. Please check the attachment on the email to see your new handicap. 



Round 2 - Team Leaderboard - Cabo del Sol 


1st: LB 55
T-2nd: Captain Gen 1 57
T-2nd: Double OT 57
T-2nd: "Where's the Beer Girl?"  57
5th: Gretzky's Grandkids 58
6th: Dirty Mike & The Boys 59
7th: Grip It'n Sip It 60
T-8th: Always in the Rough  61
T-8th: Bubba Don't Cry 61
T-10th: Biggie Smalls  62
T-10th: Clutchmen 62
T-12th: Hackers 63
T-12th; Fringe Players 63
T-14th: Just Wedge It 64
T-14th: We're Playing Through 64
T-14th: Poulter Sucks 64
T-14th: Stiff Shafts 64
T-18th: Bulder Bob & Dr. Death 67
T-18th: Big Red 67
T-18th: Team Tucker 67
T-18th: Slapshot 67
22nd: MFERS 69
23rd: Planks & Fritos 71
24th: Ham & Eggers  72
N/A: LifeTime Golf Club  
N/A: Team Gonsior  
N/A: Painting the USA  
N/A: MatBoss  
N/A: Golf Ball Whacker Guys  
N/A: Hammered It  


Team Averages (does not take into account best 7 of 8)


LB 55.00
Captain Gen 1 57.00
Always in the Rough 60.00
Double OT 60.50
"Where's The Beer Girl?" 60.50
Grip It'n Sip It 60.50
Dirty Mike & The Boys 61.00
Gretzky's Grandkids 61.50
LifeTime Golf Club 62.00
Biggie Smalls 62.00
Team Gonsior 63.00
Clutchmen 63.00
Stiff Shafts 63.50
Painting the USA 64.00
Bubba Don't Cry 64.00
Hackers 65.50
MFERS 66.00
Matboss 66.00
Just Wedge It


Builder Bob & Dr. Death 67.00
Fringe Players 67.00
Big Red 67.50
We're Playing Through 67.50
Poulter Sucks 67.50
Planks & Fritos 68.50
Slapshot 68.50
Golf Ball Whacker Guys 69.00
Ham & Eggers 69.50
The Lumberhacks 70.50
Hammered It N/A


15 out of 30 teams make it through to the PLAYOFFS; Biggie Smalls is ineligible to win Grand Prize, but will automatically qualify for PLAYOFFS. 


Note: Only 7 out of 8 scores will be taken towards your overall score for the Grand Prize. It's not required to play every round but it's advised for your best chance to win. 


For those who have missed rounds please make them up! 




Tee Gifts are gradually being handed out. If you haven't received yours yet please let me know (colton@darkenwaldcorp.com) and I will make sure to get it to you. 

  • Round 1-8, gimmies at 9 feet, auto 3-putt must be off. 


Round 3's event will be at Nicklaus North in Whistler, Canada. Due by December 30th. **I went back and played Harbour Town and found some course issues, therefore a change has been made**