"The Office" - Round 3 @ Nicklaus North 



Nicklaus North was a stark difference from Cabo del Sol (Round 2's event) but still providing many of the same challenges. Tight fairways, some forced carries into greens and lots of sand. However, once you got there putting wasn't too bad. These will probably be the flattest greens we play all season! 


Did anyone think about going skiing at Whistler this winter after seeing it in the background on some of those holes? Whether it's summer or winter the Whistler area seems like a great place to visit. 


Week 4 is at Banff Springs! One of my favorite tracks on our HDGOLF simulator. We stay up north for the Canada-swing until we play some of most highly rated courses for weeks 5-8. 



Round 2 - Team Leaderboard - Nicklaus North



T-1st: The Lumberhacks 52
T-1st: MFERS 52
3rd: Hackers 56
4th: Bubba Don't Cry 58
T-5th: Dirty Mike & The Boys 59
T-5th: Fringe Players 59
T-5th: We're Playing Through 59
T-8th: Captain Gen 1 60
T-8th: Poulter Sucks 60
T-8th: Slapshot 60
T-8th: Painting the USA 60
T-12th: "Where's the Beer Girl?"  61
T-12th: Builder Bob & Dr. Death 61
T-12th: Big Red 61
15th: Always in the Rough 62
T-16th: Gretzky's Grandkids 64
T-16th: Clutchmen 64
T-18th: Biggie Smalls  65
T-18th: Planks & Fritos 65
T18th: MatBoss 65
T-21st: LB 66
T-21st: Stiff Shafts 66
23rd: Just Wedge It 67
24th: Team Gonsior 70
T-25th: Double OT DNP
T-25th: Grip It'n Sip It DNP
T-25th: Ham & Eggers DNP
T-25th: LifeTime Golf Club DNP
T-25th: Golf Ball Whacker Guys DNP
T-25th: Hammered It DNP


Team Averages (does not take into account best 7 of 8)



Captain Gen 1 58.00
Dirty Mike & The Boys 60.33
LB 60.50
Double OT 60.50
Grip It'n Sip It 60.50
Always in the Rough 60.67
"Where's the Beer Girl?"  60.67
MFERS 61.33
LifeTime Golf Club 62.00
Painting the USA 62.00
Bubba Don't Cry 62.00
Gretzky's Grandkids 62.33
Hackers 62.33
Biggie Smalls 63.00
Clutchmen 63.33
Stiff Shafts 64.33
Fringe Players 64.33
The Lumberhacks 64.33
We're Playing Through 64.67
Builder Bob & Dr. Death 65.00
Poulter Sucks 65.00
Big Red 65.33
MatBoss 65.50
Slapshot 65.67
Team Gonsior 66.50
Just Wedge It 66.67
Planks & Fritos 67.33
Golf Ball Whacker Guys 69.00
Ham & Eggers 69.50
Hammered It N/A


Just as a reminder here's what we're playing for:


1st Place (Grand Prize): $500 2nd Swing Gift Card ($250/person)

2nd: 4 rounds @ Fox Hollow Golf Club with $20/person food/drink voucher

3rd: 2 rounds @ Medina CC with cart

8th: 2 hours/person at inFIT's HDGOLF Simulator + TCG Gift Cards

15th: 2 hours/person at inFIT's HDGOLF Simulator + TCF Gift Cards

23rd: 2 hours/person at inFIT's HDGOLF Simulator 



  • 15 out of 30 teams make it through to the PLAYOFFS (final prize TBD, thinking traveling trophy)
  • 7 out of 8 scores will be taken towards your overall score for the regular season prizes. 
  • You're able to make up rounds! If you have questions on which you missed please let me know. 


Round 4's event is at Banff Springs for our 2nd leg of the Canada-swing.