"The Office" - Round 4 @ Banff Springs


As the PGA Tour finished up their Hawaii-swing yesterday, we finish up our Canada-swing with Banff Springs. An absolutely gorgeous course with tall cliffs alongside each fairway, holes that meander throughout and river valley, and a gorgeous resort in the background of some of the holes on the back nine. 


Scores were low yet again as some of our players must be getting used to simulator golf. However, scores were to be had on a course that doesn't offer too much trouble off the tee or around the greens if you're striking it well. 


Week 5 is at the Old Course. Often times this is our members favorite course. The best golf is yet to come as Weeks 5-8 offer some of the best courses inFIT's HDGOLF Simulator has. 



Round 4 - Team Leaderboard - Banff Springs



T-1st: The Lumberhacks 52
T-1st: Grip It'n Sip It 52
T-3rd: MFERS 55
T-3rd: Always in the Rough 55
T-5th: Hackers 56
T-5th: Ham & Eggers 56
T-7th: Bubba Don't Cry 58
T-7th: Planks & Fritos 58
9th: Big Red 59
T-10th: Poulter Sucks 60
T-10th: Slapshot 60
T-10th: Gretzky's Grandkids 60
T-10th: Stiff Shafts 60
14th: Biggie Smalls 61
T-15th: "Where's the Beer Girl?"  62
T-15th: Builder Bob & Dr. Death 62
T15th: LB 62
18th: Clutchmen 64
19th: Dirty Mike & The Boys 65
T-20th: Fringe Players 66
T-20th: Captain Gen 1 66
22nd: Just Wedge It 68
T-23rd: We're Playing Through DNP
T-23rd: Painting the USA DNP
T-23rd: Matboss DNP
T-23rd:: Team Gonsior DNP
T-23rd:: Double OT DNP
T-23rd: Lifetime Golf Club DNP
T-23rd: Golf Ball Whacker Guys DNP
T-23rd: Hammered It DNP


Team Averages (does not take into account best 7 of 8)


Grip It'n Sip It 

Always in the Rough  59.25
MFERS 59.75
Captain Gen 1  60.00
Double OT 60.50
"Where's the Beer Girl?"  60.50
Hackers 60.75
LB 61.00
Bubba Don't Cry 61.00
The Lumberhacks 61.25
Dirty Mike & The Boys 61.50
Gretzky's Grandkids 61.75
LifeTime Golf Club 62.00
Painting the USA 62.00
Ham & Eggers 62.00
Biggie Smalls 62.50
Stiff Shafts 63.25
Clutchmen  63.50
Poulter Sucks 63.75
Big Red 63.75
Slapshot 64.25
Builder Bob & Dr. Death 64.25
We're Playing Through 64.67
Fringe Players 64.75
Planks & Fritos 65.00
MatBoss 65.50
We Won Last Year 66.50
Just Wedge It 67.00
Golf Ball Whacker Guys 69.00
Hammered It N/A