Getting Started with classes

First of all, don't stress! inFIT is a very welcoming and supportive community with members of all ages, backgrounds and fitness experience levels. We're all on this journey together.

Second, be proud of yourself for trying something new and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Everyone in class has been in your shoes before and this will become a familiar place and practice for you in no time, we promise.

How to sign up for class

From the desktop website: Select the In-Studio or Livestream tab at the top and find the class you want. If you don’t have any classes purchased in your account, you will be prompted to make a purchase. You’ll need to create an online account to purchase and sign up for classes.

On your phone from the mobile app: Tap “Book” and browse the In-Studio or Livestream class schedules. Tap the class you are interested in and then tap “Book”. You’ll be prompted to purchase additional classes if you don’t have an unlimited membership or have run out of class credits.


We offer several membership options that include classes at a discounted member rate or you can take drop-in classes at the non-member rate of $16/class which includes a day pass to the gym. Call 763-424-4435 or text 763-296-1106 if you need any help!

Download the mobile app

What to bring

  • Clean gym shoes
  • Water bottle – if you forget, we have bottles of water available for purchase in the community space.
  • Towel
  • For Yoga: exercise mat and blanket (both optional)
  • For Boxing: boxing gloves if you have them (we have a few extra pairs if you don’t)


We have a parking lot right in front of the building. If it’s full, check out the overflow lot in front of White Smiles Dentist (south side of the building).


Arrive 10 minutes early to meet the instructor (let them know you are new to that class or format), familiarize yourself with restroom locations and water bottle filler, and get any equipment needed for class (the instructor will let you know what to grab). Once you’re familiar with the studio and class format, 5-10 minutes early is perfect.


Use FaciliKey app to enter the building. If you don’t have a membership, ring the black doorbell and an instructor will let you in.  


Use the entry area benches to change into your clean gym shoes. You can store your belongings in the cubbies in the entry area or use the cubbies in the studio/training spaces during class. If you need to change your clothing, there are bathrooms available for your privacy. We do not have lockers, so please leave your valuables at home.

Refer to the class schedule to determine where your class is being held. Look for the large STUDIO, TRAINING and SPIN signage on the walls to guide you.


Introduce yourself to the instructor, let them know if it’s your first time to that class or format or if it’s been a while since you’ve been to a class. It’s also helpful for the instructor to know if you have any injuries or physical limitations—they can help offer alternatives for challenging exercises.

What to expect in class

Classes include warm-up at the beginning of class and a cool down and stretching at the end.


Throughout the class, our instructors will provide step-by-step guidance & modifications, upbeat music to motivate you, and words of encouragement along the way!


We implement cleaning & sanitization practices for equipment, studio floors, and high-touch areas for your comfort and safety. At the end of class, please use the sanitizing wipes provided on any equipment you used.

After class suggestions:

We reserve a few minutes between classes for you to continue stretching or catch up with old and new friends. Feel free to give your instructor feedback — that’s one of our favorite parts of getting to know our participants! 


If your membership includes the gym, be encouraged to grab a foam roller and stretch out in the gym. Stretching is as important as exercise. Ask your instructor if you need ideas of how to stretch.


Drink plenty of water. The National Academy of Sports Medicine recommends drinking half of your ideal body weight in ounces of filtered drinking water every day.


Stretch sore muscles the next day. Some people experience sore muscles two days after class. This is completely normal. Be sure to keep drinking plenty of water and stretch those strong muscles!