Promote Healthy lifestyles among employees

inFIT24 owner Ashley Darkenwald, and personal trainer and health coach Brittany Giles, provide workshops and speaking presentations around the country to large and small businesses, interested in elevating the health of their teams. 

What do they talk about?

The corporate wellness messages are constantly developing, but in general, the corporate wellness talks and workshops center on educating and empowering individuals and groups to strengthen the body with dynamic nutrition, functional fitness, the connectedness of our physical and spiritual health, and living life in a fast-paced world with exceptional health.


Ashley and Brittany will polish new or existing material in partnership with each event planner.

What types of events do Ashley and Brittany usually speak at?
These professional, certified personal trainers and nutrition coaches teach on corporate wellness, nutrition, family health, spiritual health, and personal fitness. Venues include keynote presentations, motivational speakings, bag lunch seminars, breakout sessions, Yoga and fitness classes, wellness retreats, and venues as small as 20 people or as large as 3-day conferences.

Previous topics have included:

How to Get Started

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Corporate fitness PARTNER program

It’s FREE for employers to become a corporate fitness partner. We’ll assign your company a unique promo code for employees & contractors to use when they join inFIT24 and unlock the program benefits!


Benefits of a Healthy Team

  • Increase Team Camaraderie
  • Reduce Sick Days
  • Healthy Team = Happier Team
  • Better Stress Management
  • Added Company Benefit

Program Benefits for Employees & Contractors:

  • $10 off ANY membership
  • 3 FREE nutrition workshops
  • FREE equipment orientation
  • Discounted infrared sauna sessions
  • Discounted group fitness classes
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