What are your staffed hours?

Monday-Friday 9am-1pm

Monday-Thursday 3pm-7pm

Or by appointment.

What kind of flooring do you have?

In our group fitness studios, we have black rubber studio flooring — the BEST flooring for comfort, cleanliness, and safety. In the gym, we have a combination of rubber, carpet, and astro-turf.

When did you open?

inFIT has been serving the STMA community since 2008 and have continued to expand. In May 2022 we moved and added the 24-Hour access gym to our offering of group fitness classes and training.

Gym & Gym Memberships

What kind of equipment do you have in the gym?

We are outfitted with state-of-the-art TechnoGym Equipment, commonly used in the Olympic & professional sports centers, PGA tours, medical, and high-end fitness centers around the world!

  • Cardio pieces include treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, rowers, stair climber
  • Strength pieces include selectorized, plate-loaded, barbells, free-weights
  • Fully-furnished functional training space will include stability balls, kettlebells, foam rollers, medicine balls, BOSU balls, and much more!

Learn more about our 24-hour gym

How much does a gym membership cost?

We offer a variety of membership options to fit your preferences. View Membership Options

Do I need a gym membership to do classes or training?

We do not require a gym membership to take classes or training, but members save big on classes! Check out our membership options

Do gym memberships include any group fitness classes?

Yes! Our gym-only membership includes 3 classes and any additional classes at $8/class. We also offer gym + 4 classes and gym + unlimited classes. Learn more

Can my child join the gym?

We allow ages 13+ to join the gym and offer a variety of youth programs starting at age 5. Learn more about Youth Fitness

Group Fitness Classes & Memberships

What kind of group fitness classes do you have?

We have two group fitness studios, a turf training space, live stream and on-demand classes with over 55+ classes weekly. We offer strength and cardio classes such as kickboxing, yoga, group strength, spin, interval classes such as 321 blast, bootcamp, Silver Sneakers, and more.

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Do gym memberships include any group fitness classes?

Yes! Our gym-only membership includes 3 classes and any additional classes at $8/class. We also offer gym + 4 classes and gym + unlimited classes. Learn more

How do I purchase classes?

To purchase classes from the Mindbody website:

Select the “BUY” from the top navigation and then the “Classes, Training, Sauna” option. From the “ We also offer gym+class and class-only memberships. If you already have a membership but run out of classes, you can purchase additional classes at the member rate of $8/class.

You can also purchase classes from the mobile app by tapping the “more” menu and select “Buy”.

How do I sign up for a class?

Reserving your spot in a class is easy! You can sign up for classes using the free inFIT mobile app or from our Mindbody booking website

More helpful tips here: Getting Started with Classes

How far in advance can I sign up for classes?

The next months classes are released onto the website around the 18th of each month, so you can view and sign up for future classes after that date, or as far in advance as your class expiration dates will allow. If you have classes with an autopay/monthly recurring package, your classes have a 40-day expiration date. If you buy drop-in classes, your classes have a 1-year expiration date.

How do cancel my reservation? What is the difference between an early cancel and a late cancel?

To cancel your class reservation, please go to MY ACCOUNT, and select MY SCHEDULE. You can choose to cancel out of the class as an early cancel is if it is more than 8 hours ahead of the class start time. If you early cancel, your class reservation is removed and you receive your class back into your account to sign up for another class. A late cancel is if it is less than 8 hours before the class start time. With a late cancel, you don’t receive your class back, however this let’s the instructor know you won’t be there and you open your spot up for another person.

How do I get on a waitlist for a group exercise class?

If your favorite class is full, you can  add yourself to the waitlist. You’ll see this option on the class schedule when the class if full. When a client “early cancels” out of a class, the 1st person on the waitlist will receive an email and be automatically added to the class. Please do not add yourself to the waitlist if you are not certain that you want to attend that class. However if you have been automatically added to the class from the waitlist, but have changed your mind or are now unable to attend, you will still have time to early cancel, as long as you do so before the 8 hour reservation lock window. If you are on the waitlist and it is past the 8 hour reservation lock window, you are NOT added to the class from the waitlist, as there will be no way for you to cancel without penalty. But you can check the Group Exercise Schedule during the reservation lock time and register yourself for the class if any clients have late cancelled.