Juice Cleanse

3-Day Juice Cleanse

The 3 day juice cleanse consists of 12 total juices, 4 unique recipes juiced fresh to order by inFIT’s health and wellness coach Brittany to support mental health (Inspire), energy/ pre-workout (Energize), immune health/detox (Heal), and disease prevention (Prevention). 


Listed below are a few benefits of completing a juice cleanse:

Rest for the digestive system, fast and easy nutrient absorption, clearer thinking, glowing eyes and skin, increased energy, stronger hair and nails, heightened sense of taste and smell, improved appetite control, all of the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetable that you wouldn’t normally eat raw or whole which can boost your overall health.

You will likely also lose weight during the cleanse process, but a cleanse won’t necessarily help you to sustain your weight loss goals. Using the cleanse period as a reset to your habits, cravings and nutrition choices however, is very helpful to achieving and sustaining your long term goals.

Cleansing is a great way to remove toxins and addictive foods like sugar which can reset your tastes (physical) and cravings (mental) so that you no longer want to eat the processed and less nutritious options.

Specific foods can benefit you in different ways, these benefits are elevated through juicing because juicing provides a high concentration of diverse nutrients, delivered to your body in a form it recognizes–  fruit and vegetable juice.

Juice Flavors & Ingredients


Inspire boosts brain health with carrots, oranges, lemon, a bit of red apple and finished with a splash of coconut water.


Energize is a great way to boost performance pre-workout with red beets– linked to cardiovascular health benefits– purple carrots, lemon, lime, and watermelon which promotes mitochondrial energy.


Heal is our take on the traditional green detox juice that also boosts immune health with spinach, kale, cucumber, kiwi, lemon and ginger.


Prevention includes golden beets, yellow and white carrots, pineapple, turmeric, grapefruit and lemon to support your body’s own efforts in disease prevention. 

How to Buy

You can purchase the 3 day organic juice cleanse for $199. This includes 12 organic juices, preparation info, an overview of the benefits of juicing and tips for better health moving forward. Please contact us for more info.