Amy Peterson

About Amy

When did you begin training at inFIT?

What do you enjoy most about teaching & training?
I love being surrounded with like-minded clients, all working together to become a better strong versions of ourselves! The energy is amazing!

What can we expect to hear on your playlist?

Hit Music & Techno

Why do you work out?

I workout because it makes me feel so good! It clears my mind, gives me energy, and makes me a more positive person!

What’ll we hear you say to encourage us?

“You are not tired—say YES!”

Do you have a special skill or talent people may not know about?
I love to dance! …but I think everyone knows that!?

What are three things on your bucket list?


  1. Colorado Rockies
  2. Australia
  3. Greece

Describe your teaching/training style:



  • Personal Trainer (NETA)
  • Group Exercise Instructor (NETA)
  • SHiNE Dance Fitness™ Instructor
  • CPR & AED


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