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Shannon Immer has been gracing the fitness industry for over a decade. Her love of children, running, and her family make Shannon an exceptional leader at inFIT. Shannon is dedicated to bringing you excellence client service and the best fitness experience available. Next time you're in the club, say hi to Shannon, ask her a question, and you'll soon become fast friends-- and see why she is one of the world-class directors at inFIT.
Mark is ready to help you with your training needs. “I believe that whatever goals you have, it is attainable. My goal as a Personal Trainer is to help you along the way and provide you with positive support, encouragement, and the proper workouts to help you attain your goal(s).” 
Certifications Include:
  • Personal Trainer through the National Exercise Trainers Association
  • Plyometric Training through the International Fitness Professionals Association
  • Kettlebell & Spin certified with National Exercise Trainers Association
  • TRX Certified
  • CPR & AED Certified
Liz is a wife and mother of two and realizes the importance of maintaining and modeling a healthy lifestyle for her family. Liz started working out at inFit when her youngest started Preschool. The energy and was contagious and she found her new passion for exercise. After attending classes for many years she was encouraged by her peers to get her NETA certification as a Group Exercise Instructor. She absolutely loves teaching classes and helping people reach their fitness goals. It has truly brought happiness to her life seeing others strive to meet their ultimate fitness potential. She enjoys teaching cardio and strength classes.
I love exercising. A few years ago I was introduced to the Pilates Reformer. Lucky for me, I had a great instructor. When she retired I decided to become certified in order to continue training and reaping the benefits of the Reformer. It's a complete body workout that will improve flexibility, strength, and balance for any age group. You will see huge changes and tone your body in a matter of weeks!
I found InFit while I was pregnant with my second child. The enthusiasm and positive energy of the entire staff kept me motivated to exercise throughout my pregnancy and after. This eventually led to me joining the InFIt team. As a Mom I know how challenging it can be to make time for exercise but I also know how important it is! I hope to share with you my knowledge and passion for fitness and help you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

Bethany has a B.S. in Kinesiology (emphasis in sport psychology) and is NETA certified in group fitness and group cycling.

Hello! My name is Jone Briese, (pronounced Joan Breeze :) I believe in fitness, nutrition and better health as a way of life, FOR LIFE! Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer allows me to help you achieve the same, along with the increased quality of life.
30 years ago, I was skeptical taking my 1st group exercise class. (No I did not wear a leotard, YES, I had big hair!) I became hooked in my 1st class and have been involved in the industry at various levels ever since. Over the years, fitness, nutrition and better health have given me the strength and endurance to handle those challenges life presents!
I am so fortunate to have trainers and instructors at InFIT that really mean it when they tell you . . . ”don’t give up, you CAN do this”. I would love the opportunity to give you the same message. With your commitment and my accountability we CAN achieve your goals together! LET’S GO!!
Chhin is a father, life partner, friend and role model to all those fortunate enough to cross his path. He absolutely loves to spend time with his children, life partner, family, and friends. He has the power to bring people together with his energy, hip-shake, and smile. When he is not spending quality time with loved ones, Chhin loves to teach Zumba, dance like no one is watching, and share his amazing fitness journey with diverse people and communities.

Chhin took his first Zumba class in 2010 and was immediately hooked and fell head over heels for the Latin rhythms.  Chhin danced a few extra pounds off and Zumba awoke his spirit. His Zumba passion is what sparked the interest to dive deeper into this format and he decided he wanted to teach. He decided to take Zumba Instructor training and has been teaching Zumba since 2011 and has enjoyed every moment. Zumba completely and positively changed his life, perspective and opened up oceans of opportunity to dance, collaborate and be part of the Zumba movement. Chhin wholeheartedly believes that everything happens for the perfect reason and the perfect moment. The Zumba community truly gave him the chance to share his talents, gifts and meet some amazing people along the way, including his life partner and mother of his beautiful children.

Chhin dreams of sharing his passion and talent with people around the world and spread the love for dance and fitness. Unfortunately, no words will do Chhin justice or can express how amazing this man is at his craft so you will just have to come and check out his Zumba class.

Theresa Eicher is a mother of 7 who realizes that the key to a healthy, stress-reduced lifestyle is a great workout or personal training session. Join Theresa weekdays at 5 or 6 a.m. for a variety of formats, or schedule a time for Rope Training, Buddy/Small Group Training or Personal Training. She is ready to help you reach your fitness goals.
Heather is excited to instruct and motivate InFit clients to look and feel their best. Come and try Butts and Guts, BOSU, CRT, Bars and Plates, Group Strength, Boot Camp and more! You won’t be disappointed!
Jill is a mother of four (10-year-old, 7-year-old, 16-month-old and a 12-week-old newborn) all of whom are Jill's greatest teachers in this life. She also understands the importance of self-care to be able to take care of those you love and how that daily exercise increases your energy, positive outlook and overall quality of life. She loves to spend time with her children, life partner, and loved ones, and truly believes in the power of love and law of attraction (if you put positive loving energy out you will receive positive loving energy gifted back to you and those in your life). Jill loves to dance til sweat is dripping especially with her life partner, laugh til her cheeks hurts and/or pees her pants, try new and diverse food and adventures, and make meaningful connections with other silver threads that are aligned with her life purpose of bridging her Indigenous community to health, wellness, and healing.

She is an A.C.E. Group Fitness instructor has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years teaching multiple formats including cardio dance, kickboxing, strike, step, hi/low, strength/resistance training, spin, yoga, yoga sculpt, boot camp, TRX, Real Ryder, ClubMixx, Piyo, and Strong by Zumba.

Jill is also a Health and Wellbeing Coach and believes that every individual was born whole but life sometimes breaks us down and in those moments there is true healing power in laughter, community, and love. Jill has an M.A in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching, M.S. in Kinesiology-the Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity, B.S. in Kinesiology-Exercise Science and is working on completing her Ph.D. in Nursing.

Jill is grateful for this life and everyone that she crosses paths with honoring the scared contracts that were made before we came into this life. She hopes to share a scared space, build community and spread the love for fitness, wellbeing, and life all.

Kiz Gorham started practicing yoga in April of 2015 and was instantly hooked. She became 200-RYT certified in Elk River, MN. She believes everyone would benefit from a little yoga in their life. Whether you're coming to class to clear your mind and focus on your breath, or get that full body work out, she hopes to see you on the mat! Namaste!
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