Personal Training

Work with a personal trainer to reach your goals

Working with a personal trainer is a great resource no matter where you are in your fitness journey; whether you’re just getting back to the gym or you have experience as a fitness enthusiast. Personal training gives you accountability and motivation to make those fitness dreams a reality. Our nationally-accredited personal trainers keep you safe while you learn proper form, and practice getting stronger, healthier and more flexible.

What to expect from personal training:

  • Personalized Plan

    We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach with your health. Our experienced personal trainers will listen carefully to your health history and your goals to design a plan for results.

  • Accountability

    One of the greatest challenges of achieving results is staying accountable to your goals. Working with a personal trainer assures you get-- and stay on track.

  • Nutrition

    80% of body composition results are achieved through nutrition management. Our nutrition coaches can help you take your fitness goals to the next level.

  • Fit Check

    Fit Checks are included in all personal training sessions and packages. Our Fit Check machine is a state-of-the-art scale that measures body composition and hydration. The computer tracks and graphs your progress as you become stronger and healthier.

Getting Started with Personal Training

We offer flexible options to work with your budget and schedule. You don’t need a gym membership to work with a personal trainer and we don’t require any kind of training contract. Contact us for a free consultation to decide if personal training at inFIT is the right fit for you! Call 763-424-4435, text  763-296-1106 or email us at

Individual Session

55 Minutes

$55 - $98

Individual Express

25 Minutes

$30 - $48

Buddy Session

55 Minutes

$38 - $78

per person

Meet our Personal Trainers

What's your "WHY"?

Imagine yourself tackling the items on your bucket list. Clients train at inFIT so they can enjoy practical, functional adventures in life. Here’s what our current personal training clients are up to:

  • Theresa is training so she can energetically enjoy her new grandkids
  • Kevin is training so he has more energy to care for his twin baby girls
  • Megan is training because she loves to feel fit and strong
  • Ronuld is training to be a world-class fighter
  • Susan is training for her mental health
  • Laura is training to better manage stress from the busy season at work
  • Tim is training to improve his mobility
  • Becca is training to be the fastest and strongest she can be in track-and-field
Invest in your health now and enjoy the benefits for life!

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